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New York, 8 december 2015
Nativity of Mercy
Church of the Most Precious Blood

Thomas E. Smith, Jr

Thomas E. Smith, Jr.
Thomas E. Smith, Jr.

I have personally been inspired by the precept of Naples Italy since my childhood. I describe Naples as a vibrant city inhabited by people with a passion for life and a pride for their artistic creations. The Precepe Artist of La Scarabattola create figures and precepe with a technical skill and prowess for their craft unmatched by any other artist. Esthetically beautiful, their figures embody the soul of Naples as they travel the world, inspiring children and adults alike to contemplate the meaning of life. Pausing, if only for a second, admiring their beauty, a persons future is altered. Hope grows inside of the beholder. One leaves with a new sense of hope. I am proud to represent the artist of La Scarabattola, and this timeless craft. It is a privilege to visit so often, and to continue represent the message of the Precept around the world.

Thomas E. Smith, Jr.
Assistant CEO, Binns of Williamsburg
Project Manager, Nativity of Mercy